Pump Sets – Transfer Sets

At the heart of all mission critical fuel oil systems is a pump set (or transfer set). These sets are used to move oil from a large main storage tank to a point of use.  Pump sets are found with emergency generators and boilers for mission critical applications and are designed to meet the requirements of mission critical applications.  This equipment must pass rigorous testing requirements at the factory before shipment.

Pumps sets are available for flood prone areas where the pump set must continue to function under flooded conditions.

  • Duplex Design – two full flow pumps.
  • Simplex Design – one pump, for return pumps or other special requirements.
  • Electric or Hydraulic driven pumps.
  • 50, 100, 150 psi standard designs, higher pressures are available.
  • Typical design includes:
    • Inlet strainers.
    • Suction and Discharge Pressure Gauges.
    • Isolation Valves and Check Valves.
    • Flow switches.
    • Leak sensors.
    • Visual sight flow indictors.
    • Emergency relief valves (internal or external).
  • Immersible Pump Sets for possible flooding applications
    • Hydraulic driven pumps located in the flood prone areas.
    • Electric driven hydraulic pumps located above the flood plain.
    • All electrical controls and loads are located above the flood plain.
    • Flooded alarm to indicate when the area is
    • Flooded alarm will kill power to all sensors in the flooded area.
    • Duplex arrangements are typical, one or two hydraulic fluid storage tanks.
    • All equipment easily inspected without removal of covers
    • Can be flooded to 90 feet & immune to all types of flood waters such as saltwater.
  • Controls
    • Simple relay-based controls with pump starters and disconnects.
    • Hand – Off – Auto Pump Operation.
    • Lead – Lag Operation.
    • PLC based controls with Touch Screen HMI.
    • BAS interfaces with Protocol Convertors.
    • Interface to multiple boilers and/or day tanks.
    • Hardware interlocking for safe and reliable operation.

Critical Fuel Systems can provide pump sets for any flow and pressure that is found in mission critical applications.

Example Pump Set with Dual Control Cabinets on an Optional Stand