In response to our customers’ suggestions we have engineered our product line to provide standard diesel fuel equipment that can be easily applied to most any project design. The end result is a truly modular fuel oil system that scales easily for any data center or healthcare facility emergency power requirements.

In our approach to modular design for the mission critical fuel market we divide the complete fuel system into four major components. Each of these components are engineered to function independently and to integrate seamlessly into the Total Fuel Management System or your building management system with minimal cost impact.

The advantages of the modular approach provides the building owners flexibility in system design as well as affording for future system augmentation by simply plugging in new modules as required to meet changing system demands. Though the system is complex, the operation is effortless, and the interface is made simple.

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    Our Fuel Maintenance Modules provide filtration, dewatering and chemical addition of stored diesel fuel.


    We offer double and single wall day tanks with a complete line of trim accessories and rupture basins.

    Day Tank

    We build standard duplex pump sets from 36gph to over 3,000gph. Our custom units can be built to meet most any application.

    Pump Set

    From our standard Total Fuel Management Control Module to complex custom controls you can count on our control solution.

    Control Panel