Mission Critical Fuel Control Systems 

The controls systems for mission critical applications must become more sophisticated as the fuel systems become larger and regulations become tighter.  Critical Fuel Systems has engineered a modular control system to meet these challenges.  Our approach is to build standard systems with features that can be enabled on site as well as a set of options that can be added to each system.  These systems are expandable on-site to allow for adding equipment to meet the most ambitious growth plans.

Total Fuel Management System 

A completely preprogrammed PLC based system.  Our TFM Controls module gives the operator complete control over the mission critical fuel system.  Our modular approach to fuel systems gives the Operators and Design Engineers flexibility in the design and deployment of their systems.  Our controls provide the security of fail-safe operation with a focus on communications.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Sometimes you have a project so unique that a standard system won’t provide the level of control necessary.  You can work directly with our application experts to design a system that satisfies current codes and regulations while meeting operational requirements.  Though this system may be complex our Controls Engineers can ensure that the operation is effortless and the integration is easy.

Integration and Communications

You may specify a wide range of communication protocols allowing us to integrate seamlessly with most tank gauging and building management systems.